James Gandolfini: 10 Best Videos From Youtube

James Gandolfini Dies, James Gandolfini Dead

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The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini died on Wednesday after suffering a massive heart attack in Italy. The beloved Emmy Award-winning actor was adored by millions of people and the world is still in shock after hearing the sad news. Here, take a look a some of the best Youtube videos out there of interviews, cameos, previous roles he was in and of Gandolfini giving annoying paparazzi a taste of their own medicine. Check it out!

This video claims to be the last known interview of James Gandolfini before he died, taken on June 17.

In this interview at the Savannah Film Festival, Gandolfini talks about how he got into the acting business.

A hilarious American Airlines commercial featuring James Gandolfini.

Gandolfini in Surviving Christmas with Ben Affleck.

He even makes an appearance on Family Guy.

In this gem of a video, Gandolfini throws leftover broccoli at an annoying paparazzo after dinner.

In this one, James Gandolfini is doing the normal autograph signing and looking bored out of his mind… until he comes across a puppy. The actor’s eyes light up and he almost runs away with the little guy in his arms. Just goes to show you Tony Soprano actually has a heart of gold.

James Gandolfini isn’t known for welcoming paparazzi with open arms. In this video, at least, the actor messes with a paparazzo.

A young Gandolfini getting slapped by Angelica Page in Mint Julep.

Kathy Grifiin on James Gandolfini.

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