Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Baby Daddy Brian Hallisay: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Brian Hallisay

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Jennifer Love Hewitt, now 34, is expecting a baby and Brian Hallisay is the daddy! Brian, also 34, is a Hollywood actor as well. Currently, Jennifer is about three months into her pregnancy. It’s about time the beautiful actress became a mama, and apparently the couple is ecstatic! Read about Brian Hallisay in our Top 10 Facts about this new baby daddy!

1. Brian Proposes!

Not only is the couple expecting, they’re newly engaged! Above we can see the two barely able to keep their paws off each other. As reported by US Weekly, Brian proposed to Jennifer while the two were perusing Europe on a vacation together. The couple traveled there last month for a little downtime between gigs. They must have hit it off big time because Hewitt tells US Weekly:

I finally found Mr. Right.

We’re happy for you Jennifer! And we can’t wait to see the baby. Brian is one lucky guy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Engagement

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2. The Guy is a Little Hostel

Brian Hallisay, Jennifer Love Hewitt baby


Hewitt’s man stars in Hostel Part III as a groom-to-be on a trip for his bachelor party. Let’s hope his bachelor party for this bride-to-be goes a little bit better, with a lot less blood.

3. Brian is Jennifer’s Dream Come True

Last year Hewitt told USA Today:

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic…I’ve always had my head in the rom-com — which I think is a great quality. The problem is, rom-com’s aren’t real.

Well, Hewitt’s new squeeze is not only real, he’s sexy too! Jennifer certainly hit the jackpot on this one. Before her pregnancy, USA Today caught Jennifer tweeting about her love life saying:

I’m at a place where I could get married, I could not get married… Kids are not something I’ll give up on, that’s something I really want in my life but I just sort of started shifting my mindset a little bit.

It’s a sure thing that Jennifer has finally found that ‘place’, and it’s none other than in Brian’s arms!

4. The Couple Shares a Short But Sweet Romance

According to, Brian met Jennifer only two years ago through a show on NBC called Love Bites. The couple started dating 15 months ago, already three months longer than Jennifer’s last celebrity squeeze, Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy. Well, Brian must be doing something right because apparently Jennifer is happier than ever before. She told US weekly:

We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family.

And, with parents like these, you can bet they will have one of the best looking families in Hollywood!

5. Hallisay Tells Hewitt to Take Off Her Ring

Can you say ‘chemistry’? On the Lifetime show The Client List, the two play an actual married couple. The only difference in real life is that Brian Hallisay, who plays Hewitt’s apparently estranged husband in the show, is here to stay. In the above clip, Hallisay makes Hewitt take off her wedding ring. We don’t see this happening in real life…

For someone who’s supposed to play the role of an ‘estranged husband’, it seems like Brian’s doing a pretty good job winning Jennifer’s heart.

6. Brian Gives The Word ‘Nerd’ a Whole New Meaning!

Not only is Jennifer’s baby daddy cute, he’s smart too! Apparently he graduated from Cornell University, an IVY league school, with a degree in Economics and History before he got Hollywood fever. He even worked on Wall Street prior to moving to Los Angeles where he made a name for himself as an actor. Brian is proof that nerds can be sexy, too. That’s some to-be-hubby right there.

7. Brian Likes to Relax By The Ocean

Brian Hallisay


It’s no wonder that to-be-hubby Brian likes to spend his days off by the water. The sand, the breeze; there’s no better way to relax. After all, the current Season 2 Client List star puts long hours into the making of the show, and let’s be honest, everyone needs a break once in a while. It’s a good thing mom-to-be Jennifer is by his side the whole time, too. Hallisay better get his rest in now before the screaming baby comes.

8. Hallisay is Definitely Privileged

Hallisay had a re-curring role on the short-lived comedy Privileged. Hear him talk about his character and experience in the video above.

Brian Hallisay

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9. Jessabelle is Hallisay’s Latest Gig

The horror flick Jessabelle is currently in post-production and Hallisay will have his hand in the thriller. The film is about a young woman recuperating at her father’s home after a horrible accident until she encounters a ghostly presence. Dun dun DUNNNNNNN!

10. Hallisay is Drawn to Mystery

In an interview with Starry Mag, Hallisay talked all about why he wanted to become an actor at an early age.

From a very early age, I was drawn to movies in a big way. The mystery of it, you never really equate what goes on in your television to reality. Then, when you get older, you see that there are people that are making that happen.

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