Justin Bieber is ‘High’ On Weed On Instagram [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber

(Getty images)

What intelligent thing has Justin done this time?

According to TMZ.com, Justin Bieber posted a video of himself flying high on Instagram recently. In the video, the singer appeared with glazed-over eyes and a cunning smile, while he tried his very best to make out a coherent sentence.

Check out his crazy Instagram video below and decide for yourself!

Justin Bieber High Off Weed For First Instagram VideoGiggling Justin Bieber sparks speculation of drug use after posting incoherent video via instagrams new video feature.. You would think Justin Bieber would be at home in front of the camera by now. But the global pop phenomena seemed incoherent when recording his first Instagram short film – prompting speculation that he may have been…2013-06-21T02:08:46.000Z

Is Justin Bieber getting following in Miley’s footsteps and disregarding the fact that there are young kids all over the world who look up to him? Maybe, maybe not.

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