Kelly Rowland’s Beef with Beyonce: ‘She’s a Slob’

Kelly Rowland

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When Kelly Rowland appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, she had a mouthful to say about Beyonce… including the fact that Beyonce needs to “clean up” her act! Literally! But, to be fair Kelly was more than coaxed to complain about Beyonce in her interview with show host Andy Cohen. Throughout the show, Kelly was told to “say one thing that is annoying about Beyonce,” and boy did she! Kelly’s response was:

Yeah, she’s like if you walk in — maybe she’s gotten better since being a mother — but yeah, she’s got a lot on her brain like you could tell it’s a lot going on.

…while motioning to the floor with her hands. If Kelly’s answer is true, let’s hope Beyonce does a better job picking toys up after little Blue Ivy than she does picking clothes up after herself!

Watch the video of Kelly calling Beyonce a slob from below:

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Is Kelly jealous of Beyonce?

The two have proven to be long time friends, but there has undoubtedly been a brewing rivalry between the two. Regardless of Andy Cohen’s insistent prying, do you think K-Row wanted to dig up a little dirt on Beyonce a less for the sake of the show and perhaps a more because of a little devil sitting on her shoulder? We’ll never really know!

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