Kim Kardashian Sends Bogus Baby Photos of North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

(Getty images)

Kim Kardashian punks her pals by pretending to send them a real picture of her daughter, North West. According to, her plan was to send out two bogus pictures of a random baby (a North look alike) to her pals, and pretty much sit back and watch what happens next! She thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit as the world waited to see the face of little North West, and, as it turns out — get rid of a few so called “friends” in the process. Looks like the post-pregnant mama has still got it in her… no pun intended. Someone did come forth to the media with one of the photos and tried to sell it for money. Too bad it was fake, leaving them with squat.

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Shame on them!

Someone has some explaining to do. It must be rough for Kim to try to narrow down the real from the faux when it comes to her pack of peeps. Maybe this will shine some light on who is truly a friend to the Kardashian family!

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