Leyla Ghobadi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In an interview with Star Magazine that was released today, Leyla Ghobadi confesses to a year-long affair with Kanye West. This would mean he’s been cheating on baby mama Kim Kardashian if this is true. So, is it true? Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Ghobadi so you can judge for yourself!

1. Leyla Ghobadi Launched a Twitter Account to Combat Controversy

Opening up a Twitter account just a couple hours ago, Ghobadi responds to tweets as well as voicing her own thoughts on the situation.

It seems as if she may have certain regrets about the way she presented the cheating claims to the public.

Is the account real? There are doubts.

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2. The Girl is a Kim Kardashian Look-a-like

leyla ghobadi kanye cheats on kim


Maybe this was the appeal for Kanye … that and the fact that the girl is gorgeous. Leyla Ghobadi is a French Canadian model, so she definitely has the right look.

leyla ghodabi kanye mistress

Celebrities are no strangers to infidelity claims from attention-seekers. As a model in the industry, could this be just another false story?

When asked online what she would say to Kim if she could speak with her directly, Leyla replied with one simple word – Sorry.

3. She Works for a Gas Company and a Diamond Company

Leyla Ghobadi


According to her Facebook page, she’s a marketing director for Diamond Spa, an environmentally conscious health spa that carries a lot of luxury skincare products.

Leyla Ghobadi


This should definitely help Ghobadi look fresh and flawless. Leyla also works for New City Gas as a VIP bartender and waitress, according to her Facebook page.

Leyla Ghobadi


So, no, New City Gas isn’t a gas company. It’s actually a bar and concert venue in Montreal.

4. Leyla Claims To Have Physical Proof

Leyla Ghobadi, Kanye West


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5. She Insists That She Would Want to Know if Her Man Were Cheating

leyla ghobadi kanye west cheats

Leyla Ghobadi told Star:

It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s just embarrassing. But if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know.

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