WATCH: Miley Cyrus Gives Lap Dance in Hot Pants & Hooker Boots

Miley Cyrus


Wait a minute … are those boots or another set of legs?

Miley Cyrus made a classy and becoming entrance during her latest concert this week! …Just kidding. She wore hooker boots and gave a lap dance to some guy sitting on the stage during the opening of her newest hit single, “We Can’t Stop.” Well done, Miley! But, not all is bad. At least we got a pretty good look at Miley’s… “down under.” Maybe this is the side of Miley that Hannah Montana was talking about in her song “The Other Side of Me”!

Check out the footage of Miley’s fabulously toned tush during her lapdance in this video below:

VideoVideo related to watch: miley cyrus gives lap dance in hot pants & hooker boots2013-06-26T15:31:50-04:00

Brava, Miley… brava!

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