Nicole Richie Embarrasses Paparazzi Who Drops Baby

Nicole Richie

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Nicole Richie, 31, lashes out after getting her picture taken by a relentless photographer at LAX airport. The celebrity was making the trip from New York City to Los Angeles at the time. The paparazzi was reportedly carrying his young daughter, when suddenly, he sees Nicole and drops his baby straight to the ground.

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Nicole Richie, Instagram


Appalled, Nicole grabs her iPhone and snaps a shot of the outrageous scene which she later posted on her Instagram. This is the caption she wrote:

This paparazzi dragged his poor, sweet little girl on my plane from NYC to LA. As he ran her off the plane, he dropped her ON THE FLOOR of LAX as she laid there, crying her eyes out.. Just to get his shot. #Heartbreaking#FatherOfTheYear (sic).

Little did the photographer know, Nicole wasn’t about to let him go free after what he did to his poor daughter in the name of a good shot. If this incident doesn’t teach paparazzi not to mess with Nicole then I don’t know what will.

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In light of all the commotion, Nicole also commented on her own family life and how dedicated she is to the health and happiness of her children. reported her saying:

Joel and I both grew up in what other people would call an unstable home. We both come from divorced parents and did a lot of moving around, so it’s very important to us to create a stable environment for our kids… or at least try to.

Way to stand up for what’s right, Nicole.

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