One Direction Weed Smoking: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

One Direction, Harry Styles, One Direction Weed

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More celebrities caught smokin’ the ganja. Maybe that’s why boy band One Direction isn’t being crucified over their current weed scandal. So, was it weed that the band-mates were smoking on their yacht? Here’s 5 Fast Facts about One Direction hittin’ the pipe.

1. There Are Photos of Them Smoking

Apparently, band-mates were pictured smoking what appears to be joints on a yacht while “relaxing”. Are they hand-rolled cigarettes or are they joints? Most people, along with much of the media, seem to be thinking the latter.

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2. Bieber Fans Are Outraged on Twitter

Unfortunately, Bieber had a pretty wholesome rep before his weed scandal, so fans really admired his goody goody image. And so, the public was a lot more stunned when Bieber weed news broke. Twitter rants have already begun!

3. One Direction Fans Think it’s Hilarious

Well, atleast we know they won’t lose any fans over this.

4. One Direction’s Zayn Malik Previously Deleted Twitter After Weed Rumors

Zayne Malik, One Direction, One Direction Weed

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Back in 2012, Malik, who was pictured in the recent weed scandal photos, also had some trouble in the past with this. Last year, rumors were swirling about him smoking weed as well as cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards at the time.

5. The Guys Smoke Regular Cigarettes

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The guys are known to smoke and their fans are quite familiar with the fact that they do. However, they are usually just known to smoke cigarettes. But, who knows. Nonetheless, their fans will stick by them.

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