Paris Jackson: ‘Justin Bieber is a Disgrace’

Paris Jackson, Justin Bieber

(Getty images)

A crazy outburst of “cutting for Bieber” has begun once again on Twitter in response to Justin Bieber’s alleged drug use. The sick fad involves fans cutting themselves in order to provoke Justin, and get his attention. Disturbing images of both real and fake self-inflicted injuries by fans are flooding Twitter in an effort to make him stop smoking what they believe is marijuana. Are things getting out of hand and what is Justin doing to stop this?

Unfortunately by how things are looking right now, the answer may be nothing. But, not only are Beliebers not happy with Justin’s recent behavior, apparently Paris Jackson also has some things to say. Given her own recent circumstances, the young daughter of Michael Jackson is very sensitive to the topic of suicide. Just yesterday Paris reached out to Justin expressing her disappointment in not doing anything about the bizarre new fad, and it wasn’t pretty. Once old buds with Justin, Paris used the words “hate” and “disgrace” when describing Justin to

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