Paula Deen’s Sons Say She’s Not Racist Due to Hank Aaron Pajamas?

Paula Deen

(Getty images)

It looks like Paula Deen may finally be getting a break from all the pointing fingers this week. says Paula’s sons made a recent appearance on CNN’s New Day and made some comments in their mother’s defense. The boys, Jamie and Bobby, went on the show claiming their mom is not a racist, and Jamie’s childhood pajamas can prove it. Jamie told the show that when he was younger Paula and her husband bought him a comfy pair of Hank Aaron pajames when he was sick. And, according to, Paula also took that opportunity to teach Jamie a lesson about judging one’s character by the content of their heart, and not the color of their skin.

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Even Paula’s reverend pal comes to her rescue on this one! Check out his tweet below:

He claims that to be a “racist” involves more than just using a word! What do you think? Maybe there’s still hope for Paula in the eyes of the American public.

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