Paula Deen Ditches Today Show: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Paula Deen

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Who’s cookin’ in Paula’s kitchen today?

Definitely not Paula! The cooking show host is M.I.A. for her appearance on The Today Show on Friday. American cook Paula Deen reportedly dodged her expected appearance on The Today Show last weekend and with no legitimate explanation!

1. Paula Had a Scheduled Interview With Matt Lauer

According to, she had a scheduled interview with Matt Lauer on the show, which was left Deen-less last minute!

2. She Was Recently Accused of Being Racist

Paula recently admitted to her use of the “N” word, which she said was in the past. Her explanation? Racism was more prominent then. We love you, Paula, but we can’t say we are on the same page! As a result, the media has been calling Deen a racist left and right! Maybe the cooking queen was too embarrassed by the media’s recent attacks to show up on television so soon after.

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3. The Cook Was “Too Exhausted” To Show up!

Apparently, Paula’s publicist called in to the show right before her scheduled arrival, telling them that she was “too exhausted to show up.” Is Paula a closet-racist and unprofessional, too? All jokes aside, maybe after fighting recent rumors about herself in the media she really was exhausted. Everything about the media — from news reporters to paparazzi to horrible rumors can really take a toll on a person. I think Paula has shown us just that.

4. The Purpose Of Her Interview Was To Address The Rumors

Ironically, one of the main purposes for Paula’s appearance on the show was to address the racism issues. Her intention was to explain herself to the show host and to the American public with proper grace and maturity, to show that she was in fact, not a racist. So much for that, Paula…

5. A Lawsuit Was Recently Filed Against Deen

Paula and her brother Bubba Hiers were recently sued by Lisa Jackson, who used to work for them. According to, Paula and Bubba co-owned a restaurant, for which Jackson was the former manager. Years later, Jackson is suing the siblings for inflicting a “hostile” work environment on their employees on the basis of their race. This year is going to be a tough one for poor Paula.

Below is a video about Paula allegedly using the “N” word posted by The Huffington Post:

Click here for the full story!

Get it together, Paula!

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