Rihanna’s Roof-Top Stalker Criminal Past: Fears for Safety

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Rihanna is scared for her life after a crazed fan was caught walking on the roof of her house.

This would frighten anyone, wouldn’t it? TMZ reports that the stalker was found wandering the star’s roof with detailed maps of the property on June 17th. After being held in psychiatric custody, he was released just two days later.

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The stalker fan has been identified as Robert Melanson, 26, and a judge has ordered him to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna. He must also stay clear of her house and place of business. Upon arrest, he was originally booked on suspicion of trespassing.

The most uneasy thing about this is that Melanson has a criminal history and many who are served with restraining orders tend to have a disregard for the rules. Hopefully, our RiRi will be able to make the restraining order permanent on July 10th. We will keep you posted.

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