That 70′s Show Star Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Many of us know Lisa Robin Kelly as the sexy and promiscuous Laurie Forman, the sister to Topher Grace’s character Eric on That 70’s Show. Lately, she’s more known for her mugshots. According to the Huffington Post, Kelly has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. This once super sexy chick has been going down a shame spiral lately and we hope she’s able to pull herself out of it. Here’s the 5 Fast Facts surrounding her most recent arrest and how she got to this point.

1. Kelly is Arrested for DUI

Unfortunately, Kelly was arrested when officers noticed signs of intoxication when they were actually helping her move her stalled car off the Interstate in Burbank. It was late Saturday night and Kelly was arrested on suspicion of a DUI. Bail was posted for $5,000.

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2. This Isn’t Kelly’s First Time at the Rodeo

Lisa Robin Kelly, That 70's Show, Arrested, DUI

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Back in November, 2012, Kelly was arrested for assault, along with her husband Robert Joseph Gilliam , at their home in Mooresville, North Carolina, so this star is no stranger to handcuffs.

3. Kelly Was Actually Fired from That 70’s Show Over Alcohol Issues

In this video with Inside Edition, she talks about the fact that her leaving That 70’s Show was not “her choice”.

4. The Loss of a Baby is What Triggered Her Troubles

According to an interview that Lisa Robin Kelly did with ABC News, when she was starring on That 70’s Show, she had a miscarriage, which let her to abuse alcohol.

I had lost a baby and as a result of that, I had lost everything.

Aw, poor Lisa.

5. Kelly Wants to Make a Comeback

Lisa Robin Kelly, That 70's Show, Arrested, DUI

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Unlike some of the other stars of That 70’s Show (Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher), Kelly has not moved her way up the Hollywood ladder.

Do you think that Lisa Robin Kelly can take back her career? We’re rooting for you, Lisa!

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