The Bachelorette Recap 6/10/13: Top 10 Highlights

1. There’s Nothing Like a Nice Game of Dodgeball

Who doesn’t like a good old game of dodgeball? Maybe not when it’s as rough as this one. Don’t let the boys’ tiny shorts and headbands fool you.

2. Brooks Breaks Some Bones

Poor Brooks. Amidst the dodgeball chaos, Brooks pretty much dislocates his finger and has to be ambulanced over to the hospital with an IV. Yikes! Love is a Battlefield!

3. Chris Sneaks in a Little Rooftop Romance

Chris needed some one-on-one time, so he was smart. He scoped out the property and led Des up to the rooftop for a mini-date. Des was impressed, giving him the first rose, a private slow dance, and some lip action.

4. Kasey Gets a Disastrous One-on-One Date

With a late start to their date due to Brian the cheater, the date already has a rocky start. Then, Des and Kasey decide to dance on the side of a building and later realize it wasn’t as cool as they thought it would be. As for the nighttime part, a windstorm breaks out and Des thinks they should go swimming. The pool is freezing and the wind is horrible. Despite the disaster date, Des still finds comfort with Kasey and gives him a rose.

5. Brian is Busted

Chris Harrison calls Des for a dating emergency. The emergency is Stephanie, Brian’s girlfriend? What a sleeze! Telling Stephanie that he was in California for a convention, it’s no wonder she comes on the show and flips out. In a messy fight, Brian denies everything until the very end of the conversation when he comes clean … about some of it anyway.

At the end of it all, both Desiree and Chris Harrison decide to kick him out. To boot, production doesn’t let him talk to the rest of the guys before leaving.

6. The Guys Visit the Wild West

On a group date, some of the guys meet Des on an old western set to learn stunts from the stunt-men on the upcoming Johnny Depp film The Lone Ranger. Nice plug.

7. Juan Pablo Wins the Ranger Badge … And More

Juan Pablo and his sexy accent win a private showing of The Lone Ranger. They share popcorn and some seriously passionate kisses.

8. Ben Isn’t the Only Daddy in the House

Much like the other Brad (and Angelina), he has a son named Maddox. Apparently, attached to this story is a single-father sob story and an alcoholic baby mama. We’re used to it by now, so no worries, Brad.

9. Ben Takes Des on a Secret Joy Ride And Lies About It

Ben sneaks a quick ride with Des in the Bentley and tells her to keep it a secret, but the guys see him in the car with her and it all goes downhill.

10. Brandon and Dan Hit The Pavement

Dan splits his pants on the Western date while Brandon drops the “L” bomb all ready, so Desiree pulled the trigger and Brandon left crying … as usual.

The Bachelorette Crew Travels to Atlantic City Next Week!

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