The Wanted Life 6/9/13: Top 10 Highlights

1. No Girls Are Allowed

Famed manager Nano tells the boys that their upcoming trip to Vegas will be a “boys only” trip in order to bond the boys and keep things a little more organized. Sivas does not agree with this, saying he doesn’t want to go anywhere without his girlfriend. This leads to increasing tension amongst the boys as well as in Siva’s relationship. Siva says:

The band could split up tomorrow and I’ll always have my girlfriend.

2. Max’s Brother Jack Comes in For a Visit

Max is beyond ecstatic for his big brother to come into town as he really looks up to him as almost a hero… an immature hero. With Jack around, Max lets loose and acts as goofy as they come. Even with all the sillyness comes tears. As Jack must eventually leave, Max becomes very emotional and cries over his brother’s departure. Aw.

3. What Happens In Vegas… Makes Siva Angry

When the boys get to Vegas, hey recruit a ton of girls, which angers Siva as he can’t understand why they’re doing that on a “boys only” trip.

4. The Girlfriends Are Upset

Though Kelsey seems to understand, Nareesha is definitely not happy about the guys going on a trip to Vegas without them. Nareesha even tells Siva:

If I can’t come with you, then we don’t have a relationship.

5. Nathan’s Dr. Visit Does Not Go Well

Nathan is being put on complete lock-down in terms of talking and singing. One of his vocal chords appears to be completely shot with a nodgel attached to it. This means strict vocal bed-rest or no career.

Nonetheless, the boys make the best of it. Nathan receives gifts from fans as well as using a dry erase board to communicate. In turn, the boys do everything they can to pick on poor Nathan.

6. Max’s Brother Tells Max to Start Acting

When Jack says he’s behind me, that’s a green light for me.

7. The Boys Almost Break Up?

Reknowned manager Scooter Braun calls Siva into his office in regards to the Vegas Trip. Siva says he doesn’t want to go to Vegas because the last time they did, they almost broke up. In response, Braun tells him that the fastest way to break up is to not go on this trip. And so, Sivas comes to the realizatin that this trip is important to the unity of the group. Max says:

This has shown that Siva… has balls.

8. Siva Walks Out

Siva, The Wanted

(Getty Images)

Right after the boys perform at a club, Siva immediately leaves to go Skype with his girlfriend Nareesha. This angers the guys because they’re supposed to be friends and Sivas makes them feel like they’re “just work”. Tom seems to be the most upset. Aw, buck up, guys.

9. Jay is Missing

Poor Nano once again. After a crazy Vegas night, manager Nano cannot find band-mate Jay anywhere.

10. This is What You’re in For Next Week …

Nathan’s voice gets worse. The boys want to throw a barbecue at the house for fans and this causes a quarrel within the group.

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