The Wanted Life Premiere: Top 10 Highlights

1. The Band is Introduced

In the first few minutes, everyone is introduced from the band (Nathan, Max, Tom, Siva, and Jay), the crew, and security. This spurs the creation of the now-trending phrase “PoorNano”, who is their manager aka the guy who has to deal with their craziness.

2. The Boys Get a Mansion in Los Angeles

The guys are insanely pleased with their new pad and cannot wait to party it up.

3. Young Nathan is Under-age

Two months after becoming of legal age across the pond, the band came to the states where Nathan must now wait another two years before he can legally drink… Poor Nathan.

4. There are Two Live-In Girlfriends

Tom and Siva are taken with long-term loves Kelsey and Nareesha. While Siva is pretty whipped, Tom tells girlfriend Kelsey that if he got married, he wouldn’t want to wear a wedding band because he’s claustrophobic? Hmmm….

5. Girlfriend Nareesha Has Caused Controversy

Nareesa can’t stand living in the house with all the loud partying and disgusting messes left around the house. She also wears the pants in the relationship. This not only causes issues in the group, but with fans as well.

6. Max Gets Some

Max George, The Wanted, PoorNano, The Wanted Life

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The boys title the loud brunette as a “vocal guest” and re-enact her moaning in the confessional room. Need I say more?

7. There is a Foreshadowing of Events in Terms of Nathan’s Tonsils

8. We Get An Inside Look at Rihanna

Well, their single “Walks Like Rihanna” anyway.

9. Their Manager is Not Pleased With Them

Due to the band’s insane partying, the band gets a good talking to. Apparently, they showed up drunk to the Macy’s Day Parade.

10. A Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Season is Shown

So, what can we expect to see this season? Parties, craziness, quarrels, music videos, and performances.

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