‘Yeezus’ Deluxe Album? Best Buy Doesn’t Think So

yeezus deluxe best buy

According to popular fan site KanyeToThe.com, fan have been discussing rumors regarding a Yeezus Deluxe album, a different version of Kanye West’s sixth studio album that is scheduled to be released June 18th.

As you can see from the image above, Best Buy has been advertising a 14-track Yeezus album. Kanye fanboys were confused; is there another version of Yeezus that Kanye failed to mention? Judging from the lack of marketing and “NBA campaigns” Kanye mentioned in a rant at New York City’s Governors Ball festival, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Kanye dropped Yeezus Deluxe version without telling anyone.

yeezus deluxe

We reached out to Best Buy and got a response from them. According to a Best Buy spokesperson, Best Buy doesn’t have an “exclusive” or “deluxe” version:

We’re only aware of 10 tracks on Kanye West’s album, Yeezus. We originally advertised 14 tracks on the album by mistake. We apologize for any confusion.

But what about other online retailers? Amazon France says they have a 14-track version of Yeezus as well, though they didn’t provide the names of the final four songs. The Yeezus on Amazon’s US page doesn’t provide a tracklist.

yeezus deluxe

Others maintain that there is a deluxe version of Yeezus. JukeboxDC.com reported that Jonathan Streets tweeted that there would be a deluxe version of Yeezus.

In addition, JukeboxDC.com says that the four additional tracks are as follows:

1. Teck
2. A Tour (Ft. Drake)
3. Awesome
4. Untilted (Ft. Jay Z)

So, to recap, as of now it seems like there isn’t a deluxe copy of Yeezus…but we’ll have to wait and see till tonight, when the album is officially released.

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