Alex Hausner, Anderson Cooper’s Stalker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anderson Cooper


Day time talk show host Anderson Cooper has got his hands full with more than he can handle. Alleged stalker/boyfriend Alex Hausner has been accused of stalking the broadcaster and trying to kick down the door of his home on June 22. Find out more fast facts on Hausner below!

1. Alex Hausner is a Psychiatric patient

According to NY Post, Alex Hausner has reportedly been a patient in a mental hospital prior to this incident.

2. Hausner has allegedly stalked Anderson Cooper for five years

According to the source, the “delusional Queens native and psych patient” has claimed to have had romantic relations with Cooper since 2008. In addition, he insisted that he was not the one to blame. Instead, he claims to be a victim of bullying by the CNN anchor’s boyfriend. Cooper’s significant other, Ben Maisani, is the real offender according to him.

3. Hausner Tried To Break Into Cooper’s Home

Anderson Cooper


Hausner told authorities this:

I was told to knock on the garage door. I might have got there at the wrong time. I knocked on the door and hit it with my foot.

Then, after being told to go away by Cooper’s body guards Hausner added:

This is bulls–t! I’m just doing what I was told to do!

4. Hausner is a Convicted Felon

Daily Mail reports, Hausner is a convicted felon from Queens. And, after attending court last night for his attempted break-in at Cooper’s home he was apparently charged with a felony for first-degree menacing, misdemeanor harassment and stalking. According to the source he is being given a bail of $75,000.

5. Friends Call Hausner a “Gay, Jewish, White Supremacist”

Like Cooper, who came out of the closet only last year, Hausner is gay. And, according to Daily Mail the alleged stalker is also a Jewish, white supremacist. An inside source and ex-neighbor to Hausner revealed:

He was a radical, he believed in his Jewish religion, and he believed in the one race, the white race.

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