Amanda Bynes Challenges 2-Week Psych Hold; Mom’s Conservatorship DENIED

Amanda Bynes


Last we heard, Amanda Bynes’ infamous 5150 hold was extended to a two-week hold by a judge, due to speculation that she may be schizophrenic. However, now we find Amanda won’t go down that easy. According to TMZ just a few minutes ago, Bynes’ got her lawyer to challenge the 2-week extension, demanding an “emergency release” on the hold.

And, just this morning, the Daily News reported the court was due to hold a private meeting with Lynn Bynes — Amanda’s mother, in order to discuss her request for an emergency conservatorship over the delusional star. However, reports now say Amanda’s mother’s request was in fact denied.

According to TMZ, the judge does not feel the need for such dramatic action just yet. He wants to wait until he has a one-on-one meeting with troubled Amanda herself.

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Fans are devastated over Amanda’s recent mental breakdown. And, apparently so are celebrities. TMZ reports on Nick Cannon, who recently commented on Amanda’s position, saying:

I’m praying for her, that’s all you can do at this point.

Then, when reporters asked Nick if he thinks Amanda’s parents should be granted conservatorship over her, he responded:

Yeah, at this point, someone should.

Watch his reaction from TMZ below!

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Stay tuned to find out what happens!