WATCH: Amanda Bynes Washes Gasoline-Soaked Dog After Driveway Fire

Amanda Bynes


After setting fire to a random elderly woman’s property Monday night in Thousand Oaks, California, a messy-wigged Amanda Bynes did more damage than we thought… During her crazed gasoline-spreading frenzy, she managed to get gasoline all over her defenseless Pomeranian pup! And, we have the footage from TMZ to prove it…

Apparently, Bynes tried to go into the “Employees Only” back area of the store and the cashier found her trying to rinse off her sweet puppy in a sink. Bynes immediately freaked out and left.

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Check out the video of her poor gasoline-covered pooch below!

Fans and animal activists are lashing out over the incident:

She’s really done it now!

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