Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Ritz Carlton For Smoking Weed: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Amanda Bynes


Congrats to Amanda Bynes for making someone else feel like crap! Check out how Amanda Bynes’ stay at the Ritz Carlton went last Thursday by checking out our 5 fast fasts below!

1. Amanda Stayed At The Ritz Carlton… For The Last Time

According to OK! Magazine, Amanda had a memorable stay at the Ritz Carlton in New York recently. But, let’s just say she won’t be coming back anytime soon… The hotel was reportedly “sick” of her, and said “adios” HOURS before she was scheduled to leave…

2. Amanda Tells Receptionist She’s “Too Ugly”

The source reports, Amanda has hit another victim with her “ugly” bus… and this time it was a defenseless receptionist at a hotel. Apparently, Mail Online claims Amanda told the girl she was too “ugly,” and was even kind enough to offer the receptionist her plastic surgeon’s information so that she can fix her face! How sweet!

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3. Amanda Gets High In Her Room Every Day

According to the sources, Amanda smoked weed in her room every single day. And, TMZ reports, she smoked marijuana cigarettes “morning, noon and night,” both in the apartment, and in the hallways.

4. She Owes The Hotel $2,000 Worth of Munchie Snacks

One helluva case of munchies is right! The girl owes the hotel $2,000 on “munchie” snacks. Amanda must have been getting high out of her mind to need that much food…

5. Amanda Was a “Nightmare”

At the end of her wild stay, sources told Mail Online that Amanda was a “nightmare” from the moment she set foot into the Ritz Carlton hotel. We can’t imagine why that would be, since Amanda has proven to be such a sweet girl over the past few months… Achem. How many bridges can one person burn?

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