Amanda Bynes Was Roofied? Friend Says Cocaine Laced With Date Rape Drug

Amanda Bynes


Recent reports claim that one of Amanda Bynes’ close friends, Ana Rivera, says the troubled star was drugged with the date rape drug GHB sometime in February. The last time Ana claims to have seen Amanda, according to Radar Online, was in November.

Since then, she received text messages from the star describing the alleged drugging incident. In the texts, Amanda allegedly claims she was attempting to do coke with a guy she just met. However, after she took the drugs she thought were coke, she apparently “felt like she was going to die” and was sent to the hospital.

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Here’s the revealing series of text messages Ana shared with Radar:

Amanda Bynes text

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes text

Amanda Bynes text

Ana later told Radar this:

She sent me a text to tell me that she got ‘roofied’ one night, when she was on a date with a guy and ended up in hospital… She thought he was giving her coke, but when she sniffed it, it made her feel like she was dying, and ended up in hospital. I was like you can’t see that guy again.

Do you think Ana is telling the truth about Amanda?


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