The Bachelorette Two-Part Finale (Part One) 7/29/13: Top 10 Highlights

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It’s Part One of the season finale of The Bachelorette, Season 9, with Desiree Hartsock. Check out the Top 10 Highlights below that include serious surprises such as Des with a broken heart, steamy Fantasy suites, and the constant mispronunciation of the word Antigua.

1. Desiree Travels to Antigua With the Three Remaining Men

Brooks, Drew, and Chris are the magic three. But soon Des will be getting her heart broken … a foreshadowing of events.

2. Drew Has His Date in the Fantasy Suite

Drew is the first to get an overnight date with Des. After a fun day at the market, the two share a lovely little picnic with a view and Drew professes his love to … the camera. In the evening, Des and Drew share a makeout session under an umbrella in the rain after their romantic dinner on the beach gets washed away. And so … the two have their date in the fantasy suite.

In the fantasy suite, Drew tells Des that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Then the two enter the red rose petal adorned bedroom, sharing champagne on the bed. Drew is so overwhelmed with happiness that he reveals to Des he’s in love with her. Then, Drew tells the cameras to leave so they can get busy.

3. Brooks Is Unsure About Having to Propose to Desiree

Brooks actually travels back to Boise, Idaho to visit his family and reveals to his mother and sister:

The idea of proposing to her at the end of this, makes me very uncomfortable.

Ouch! To make matters worse, his sister tells him:

At this point you should know.

The way the conversation goes, his sister basically tells him to break some bad news to Des because he should be in love with her by now (according to Brooks’ sister).

4. Chris Flies High on Date Number Two

Chris and Des take a helicopter ride around Antigua for the beginning of their date, where they land on the island of Barbuda for a beach picnic. Des reveals to the camera that she really missed Chris and could definitely picture herself in his family.

Des later makes out with Chris in the wet sand as the two are washed over by the sea. Cheesy or romantic? You decide.

Either way, it’s safe to say that the constant mispronunciation of the word Antigua has gotten really annoying.

5. Chris Wants Des to Move to Seattle

Chris tells Des he’s gotten a great opportunity for a job in Seattle and asks her if she’d consider moving with him should things work out. Des says that she can do what she loves to do anywhere, though she does consider California her home. After shedding a little doubt on the situation, Des tells Chris that she would definitely be open to Seattle.

6. Brooks Takes a Meeting With Host Chris Harrison

As Chris Harrison enters, Brooks confesses to the camera:

Everything in my head says this is it, but my heart doesn’t feel the same way.

After Brooks is fumbling around with his words, Chris Harrison asks Brooks if he’s saying he’s not ready to propose or if he’s not in love with her at all. Brooks then replies with, “I don’t know.” He then opens up and says he knows Des is not the girl for him and he won’t regret letting her go. He also said that he’s been ready to get married before, but his relationship with Des just isn’t for him and he wishes it was.

7. The Fantasy Suites Get Pretty Steamy

With Drew, there were rose petals on the bed and Drew’s awkwardly telling the cameras to leave as the sounds of lip-locking could still be heard without the cameras in the room. On a less sexual note, Chris began his fantasy suite with one of his written poems and some simple smooches.

Oh yea, and then the two of them take it into the pool where Chris confesses his love to Des amidst a wet makeout session.

8. Des Is Left Heartbroken

Juan Pablo, Ali Fedotowsky, Bachelorette, Season 9, Brooks, Dumps, Des, Desiree Hartsock, Heartbroken, Finale, Two-Part, Part One


Brooks takes himself out of the equation after going back and forth about his feelings throughout the episode.

The truly sad part is that Des tells the cameras that if Brooks got down on one knee and proposed to her, she would say yes. Des also confesses that she has a deeper love for Brooks and that she’s falling in love with him.

Immediately Des knows something is wrong when Brooks arrives. After Brooks tells Des thoughts about his lack of love for her, she breaks down crying. It’s such a horribly real breakup that it hurts just to watch it.

At the end of it, Des asks Brooks, “Why now?”, to which he replies, “I didn’t know”. Des then breaks down once again and when Brooks tries to comfort her, she tells him to stop.

Finally, she tells him she loves him, which then makes Brooks cry. To add insult to injury, Des also tells Brooks he’s breaking her heart.

9. Brooks Second-Guesses His Decision

Juan Pablo, Ali Fedotowsky, Bachelorette, Season 9, Brooks, Dumps, Des, Desiree Hartsock, Heartbroken, Finale, Two-Part, Part One


Brooks reveals to the cameras through tears that he wasn’t expecting Des to say she loved him and that he was completely surprised. He then says that her telling him her true feelings for him was making him second-guess his decision. Really, Brooks? After all that?

Once Des leaves him to cry on the dock by herself, he breaks down feeling horrible about hurting Des. It’s truly heart-breaking.

Des then tells the cameras:

Honestly, for me, it’s over.

In next week’s episode, Des says she just wants to go home. Will it be a no-go for both men next week?

10. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Predicts Chris Will Be the Last Man Standing

Not only that, but Fedotowsky believes Juan Pablo will actually be the next “bachelor”. Who do you think would make a good “bachelor”?

Do you think Des will stick it out and choose Chris, just like Ali predicts? Or, will she throw in the cards after being dumped by her true love Brooks?

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