The Top 10 Sex Scenes of All Time


One monumental challenge in an actor’s career is mastering the sex scene. It is awkward and demanding to convincingly simulate the act of love — or just flat-out lust.

Anyway, these may not be the “best” sex scenes of all times, but they’re sure as hell timeless. Now, be gentle — because there’s nothing like losing your virginity to watching your very first movie sex scene. Caution: Dangerous curves ahead.

1. Showgirls

If you don’t know who Elizabeth Berkley is, then here’s a disturbing thought. Remember the girl who played Jessie on Saved By The Bell? Yup, your childhood. She grew up. And just like any quintessential child star, she resorted to her first sex scene – or, in other words, to showcase her “maturity” as a serious actress. And if you want some extra “maturity,” note the lewd thrusts and heavy breathing. Yup, this is basically softcore porn. On to the next…

2. Spring Breakers

If you’re yearning for some Disney stars now, then having Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens all in one movie will become triple your pleasure! Only in this scene, you have the last two – with James Franco, in a pool together. The ultimate threeway…how is it possible that James Franco can do everything?

3. Crank

So basically, these two are performing sexual acts – in Chinatown, out in public. And children are watching. No, the whole town is watching, cheering on – and doing nothing else about it. You have to ask – really? This is wrong on so many levels, but you just can’t look away…

4. Black Swan

Here we are. A lesbehonest scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Every guy’s (or gal’s) wet dream. Alas, we view – and hear – the embrace of Mila’s services onto Natalie – in analogical juxtaposition with the comparable g-spots of intense “climaxes” during a dance performance. Wow, dancing on a stage really is like dancing on a – bed.

5. American Pie

Once again, Jim (Jason Biggs) puts himself into a hilariously compromising situation with, um, himself and takes the expression “getting into some pie” literally – or at least into his own hands (pun intended). Of course, his father (Eugene Levy) always somehow manages to walk in – just in time to lecture him on his mistakes…


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