Cameron Diaz Career Move: New Artistic Director at ‘Pour La Victoire’

Cameron Diaz


Congrats to Cameron Diaz, 40, who has just been named “artistic direction” at fashion footwear and accessories brand Pour La Toire! The celebrity is reportedly excited about making an impact in the fashion world, according to


Here’s what she had to say about her achievement, reports the source:

I don’t do endorsements really. This is completely different. Being influential in a brand and in its campaigns interests me. I love fashion, it’s a large part of my life. What I wear is looked at – it influences what other people wear because that’s just the world we live in.

She adds:

I know how I work and I know when something is important to me. I’ll try my best and hope for the best. Not everyone succeeds or fails all the time. All I can do is engage with it.

Well, looks like she’s “engaging” pretty darn well … just as long as we still get to see our Cameron on the big screen.

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