WATCH: ‘Curse of Chucky’ Trailer Released

The world’s favorite killer doll is back! After nine years since the last Child’s Play installment, the official trailer for Curse of Chucky was released on Monday.

The horror movie will be released straight to DVD on October 8 and will be available to stream digitally September 24. Curse of Chucky features the voice of Brad Dourif, who has been with the franchise since the release of the original movie in 1988.

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“It has been a quarter of a century since fans were first petrified by Toyland’s most lethal serial killer in Child’s Play,” said Glenn Ross, the general manager and and EVP of the production company. “Now, 25 years later, the deadly legacy continues as Chucky resumes his disturbing reign of terror, delivering more of the blood-curdling scares and bone-chilling twists that have cemented his place as one of the world’s most legendary horror film icons.”

The movie follows Nica (Fiona Dourif) when she mysteriously receives a package with the red-haired doll inside, which makes a great toy for her visiting niece. She thinks nothing of it at first, but after the death of her mother, Nica begins to suspect “Chucky” may be more than just a typical doll.

Check out the trailer above!

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