Debbie Rowe Testifies on MJ’s Secret Drug Addiction: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Debbie Rowe


The mother of Michael Jackson’s children, Debbie Rowe, 54, has been called to court to testify in Michael Jackson’s wrongful death case…

Michael Jackson


And, she plans to reveal exclusive details about Michael’s dark, drug-infested past that will shock everyone… Scroll down to find out who and what it involves!

1. It’s Debbie Rowe vs. The Jacksons

Debbie Rowe


The Pop King’s ex-wife is about to open a huge can of worms… but, how much damage will it do?

According to TMZ, a lot. Debbie Rowe intends to testify in court that Michael was a “secret, hardcore drug addict” for much of his life. However, if she does so — Jackson family accusations that Dr. Conrad Murray was not “properly investigated” on the account of Michael’s death, will no longer stand. Daily Mail suggests, if Debbie testifies it will be a “hugely damaging blow” to Michael’s family’s case.

2. Debbie Will Testify Tuesday or Wesneday

Inside sources inform TMZ that Rowe will be called to testify for AEG Live on Tuesday or Wednesday. In her testimony, according to the source, she will also mention a phone call with Michael’s dermatologist, Arnold Klein, who she accuses of injecting Michael with drugs in the scary days leading up to his death.

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3. Debbie Had No Idea Michael’s Addiction Was So Out of Control

Michael Jackson


Daily Mail reports, Rowe intends to testify that she was well aware of Michael’s prescription drug abuse throughout the 80s and 90s, but she had no idea the star struggled with his addiction as much as he did. Apparently, Rowe was unaware of the “extent” of Jackson’s addiction…

4. Debbie “Controlled” Michael

Michael Jackson


Debbie will also claim during her testimony to be the “only person in Michael’s world who could control him” — that is, she and his family. They were reportedly the only ones who were able to tell him “no.” But, if Debbie had this ability then why didn’t she stop Michael from continuing his deadly abuse of drugs?

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5. Debbie Blames Arnie Klein For Michael’s Death

Dr. Arnold Klein


Rowe, who once worked as a nurse in Dr. Arnold Klein’s dermatology office where she met Michael, blames her former boss for Michael’s death. According to The Sun, Dr. Arnold Klein — Michael’s former doctor, had orders to inject the star with Demerol and Vistaril every time he came to the office. As a result, according to the source Rowe recalls Michael leaving Dr. Klein’s office looking “totally out of it.” Later, she admits to calling up the doctor and immediately blaming him for Michael’s death, saying:

What the f**k did you give him? He’s dead and it’s your fault.

Then — after her racy words, she reportedly hung up. Will Debbie Rowe’s confession dramatically change the details surrounding the Michael Jackson wrongful death case? And, what will this mean for Dr. Conrad Murray? Stay tuned to find out!

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