Donovan McNabb Retires: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Donovan McNabb


Quarterback Donovan McNabb has officially retired from his 11-year football career with the Philadephia Eagles… Do you think he made the right decision? reports, perhaps a record of 91 regular-season games and nine playoff games will leave his fans at peace with his choice. He’s definitely made some spectacular achievements during the time he had. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t miss him. To find out more about what happened below check out fast-fact the list below:

1. Donovan McNabb Declared His Official Resignation From The Eagles Today

During a press conference McNabb held at the NovaCare Complex this morning with team owner Jeffrey Lurie, McNabb made his final words as an eagle. It wasn’t easy for him to make the decision, he said. But, he knew what he had to do. According to the Washington Post, these were his exact words:

You just have a feel. But it’s a tough decision. When you come around to it you have to be confident in your decision because you don’t want to waver. Once you waver, then it becomes a problem.

2. McNabb’s Number Will Be Retired

Donovan McNabb


Another gathering will occur on September 19, during which McNabb’s jersey number will be ceremoniously retired along with his career. It looks like number 5 has seen the end of it’s football playing days.

According to the, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said this when he took the podium:

I think I can talk about No. 5 all day, all morning, all night. This is a very special moment for the Eagles franchise today. We’re really honoring one of the greatest players in the history of the Eagles and certainly the greatest quarterback in the history of the Eagles.

Then he added:

It’s rare to retire a number, but it’s richly deserved.

And, we all know Mcnabb does.

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3. McNabbs Lived Out His Dreams

After he officially retired, McNabb took to Twitter to tell fans how he really felt about it:

Congrats all around, McNabb, you will be remembered by many!

4.McNabb Doesn’t Want To Be a “Stop-and-Shop” Guy

Donovan McNabb


When asked to reveal the details behind his decision to retire, McNabb told the world:

I think when you’ve played this game for so long, you’ve just got to know when to say when…

He said this referring to the end of his days as a Philly Eagle.

You get to later in your career and you want to win a championship. You don’t want to go through a rebuilding phase. You don’t want to be kind of a stop-and-shop guy. You want to go somewhere where you can kind of get settled. And I just felt like my best move was to go on to my next phase.

We can’t argue with that, can we?

5. He Sends a Message To His Fans

In a brief but meaningful message to all his fans, McNabb tweeted this … That’s why we love him!

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