Drinking Mirror Shows What a Decade of Booze Does to Celebrities

There’s only one thing that celebrities love more than fame and that’s charity, only kidding, it’s partying with excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol! Just what sort of effect does all this boozin’ and usin’ have on the million dollar faces of celebrities though?

A new app called Drinking Mirror shows what a 10 years of alcohol can do to your face, and it’s hilariously disturbing! The app allows users to upload a photo and it then recreates an image to catch up with all those nights you spent at the Chili’s happy hour. Business Insider took it a step further and uploaded the photos of some of Hollywood’s hardest partying celebs…


The app is all part of the Scottish government’s “Drop A Glass” campaign to help educate women on the effects of regular drinking has on their bodies. Just look at these four famous women and the heavy hand alcohol has dealt them. Truly shocking.


It’s going to be hard for RiRi to hold on to that Esquire title of “Sexiest Woman of the Year” with a mug like that.


Actually, this could probably be Amanda Bynes by September with the path she’s currently on.


Drinking and partying isn’t doing Hollywood’s female starlets any favors and the app just points this out even more so. The most noticeable difference is the weight gain, but reddened cheeks and wrinkles also seem to be wreaking their own havoc. Hollywood better stick to the cocaine.

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