Stallone and Schwarzanegger Team Up for Prison Thriller ‘Escape Plan’

Action fans are getting a heavy dose of iconic action stars with the new film Escape Plan. The much anticipated prison escape movie not only features Sylvestor Stallone, but also Arnold Schwarzangegger. Sly and Arnold in the same flick and it’s not Expendables 3?! Hell yeah!

Sly plays a man who’s been framed and imprisoned in the very prison he designed. Not just any prison but a super off the grid future prison with guards who wear mysterious masks and like to electrocute prisoners on the regular. Enter Arnold Schwarzanegger, a veteran inmate who aims to help Sly bust out and kick whoever’s ass is responsible for the injustice.

I gotta admit, the movie looks a little formulamatic, but at the same time exactly what I would want from an action movie with these two icons. It’s got the beat’em ups, shoot’em ups, standard helicopter stunts and a few funny one-liners. “You hit like a vegetarian,” should fit nicely in the Arnold one-liner hall of fame.

Escape Plan hits theaters October 2013.

escape plan

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