Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpon’s New Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Evan Ross


Single mother Ashlee Simpson, 28, recently revealed to the world her new boyfriend, Evan Ross. According to reports, Evan’s a musician with a reputation for being a hardcore partier. But, it seems the couple’s relationship is running smoothly for now — they’re inseparable.

Find out more about Evan, their romance, and the drama brewing in the background.

1. Evan is Diana Ross’ Son

Diana Ross


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to artist Evan. According to Rumorfix, his mother is our very own classic American singer, Diana Ross.

2. The Couple Came Out in July

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson


As the source reports, Ashlee and Evan were seen together for the first time on July 1.

But the first time they ever truly puckered up for the cameras was on July 30, when they were photographed at big sis Jessica Simpson’s new Fall 2013 fashion line campaign in New York City.

According to Bossip, an inside source said:

Ashlee is head over heels for this guy. They’ve barely been apart since their first date.

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3. The Couple Recently Traveled Together

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson


According to Just Jared, Ashlee and her new beau were spotted at LAX airport in Los Angeles on July 29. While waiting for their flight they were seen holding hands and looking very in love. Awww…

4. Their Families Disapprove of Their Interracial Love

Yes, we’re serious! The families involved are not prepared to accept each other. But, is race the big factor here? While Ashlee, 28, and Evan, 24, may be adults — their families aren’t exactly treating them like it. As reported by Bossip, Diana is convinced her son’s lifestyle is not a good match for single mom Simpson. Meanwhile, on Ashlee’s side, mom and dad want the best for their daughter but simply don’t think that equates to dating notorious party boy Evan. So, maybe it’s not all about race after all…

An inside source claimed:

Evan has definitely earned his rep­utation as a partier. He’s young, rich, loves the attention he gets from dating celebrities, and has no interest in settling down.

Another source added:

Evan is the worst possible choice for someone with a kid who is looking for a serious boyfriend… Her friends and family are warning her not to get in too deep.

5. Diana Was a Single Mom, Too, But She Still Hates Ashlee

Evan’s mother Diana, who refuses to like Ashlee, is the first one to speak up about her problem with the relationship. However, all history considered — she should really be the last. As Bossip has reported, Diana bashes Simpson for having too much “emotional weight” to be dating Evan — referring, of course, to Ashlee’s 4-year-old son Bronx and previous marriage to Pete Wentz. However … why is Diana Ross, who has been a single mother herself in the past, so quick to judge Ashlee? Perhaps there is more to Diana’s side of the story than she is willing to share…