Flavor Flav Scandal: Explosive Fireworks Shut Down by Police

Flava Flav

(Getty images)

That’s a lot of fireworks! It just so turns out, Flava Flav’s 4th of July plans got cancelled when a team of cops rushed to his mansion in Vegas last night, threatening to arrest him. Why? Because Flav was about to blow his own neighborhood into smithereens! A similar event happened last year, too …

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Although that may be true … it may be a lot of fun, but Flav’s neighbors weren’t exactly happy with him last year…

See what happened during last year’s 4th of July celebration in the video below!

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Before things got out of hand this year, according to TMZ, Flav was told he’d be arrested if a single firework was set off.

Aw … Maybe next year, Flav!

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So, who would sell Flava Flav $8,000 worth of fireworks anyway? Apparently, a firework company called “Blackjack Fireworks” that really wanted Flav to cause a hoot over their product (oh, he did alright). Of course, Flav was down no problem! Not only did he not have to hand over a single penny for his merchandise, he gets to spend the next ten 4th of July’s using it up! All in all, I think the company accomplished their goal.

Want to see the product of Flav’s bargaining skills? Check out his new commercial for Blackjack Fireworks below!

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