The Jeff Bridges Matrix

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With Jeff Bridges taking on the role of cowboy ghost hunter in this weekend’s supernatural action comedy R.I.P.D., now seems like the perfect opportunity to look back at the actor’s work. Yes, we could have simply written an article harping about how great he was in The Big Lewbowski or True Grit, but where’s the fun in that? To even wrap your head around the four-decade-long career of somebody like Jeff Bridges, you need a different approach. Hence, the Jeff Bridges Matrix!

Our team of scientists, film critics and interns took to the task of creating the matrix on a 36-hour Netflix binge, fueled by coffee and chemically engineered junk food. Several hundred Wikipedia pages later and the Jeff Bridges Matrix was born. The team was able to dissect the msytique of Jeff Bridges into four categories of Bearded, Clean Shaven, Stoned or Drunk and Sober. Take note, Bridges aficionados.

the jeff bridges matrix, RIPD

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