Pregnant Jennifer Love-Hewitt Deletes Twitter After ‘Threats’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Love Hewitt

(Getty images)

Thirty-four-year-old pregnant star Jennifer Love-Hewitt left Twitter fans a sad notification on her Twitter page July 3, saying she can’t handle the negativity and threats she’s been receiving lately. According to US Magazine, she’s pretty upset.

Here’s what you should know about her recent hardship and the end of her presence on Twitter.

1. Love-Hewitt Sent Series of Heartfelt Tweets

After being attacked by negative tweets like this one…

Jennifer has had enough of online social media! This is how she really feels…

Don’t go, Jennifer!

2. She Warned Fans Back in December

But, I guess nobody listened to pleading Jennifer. Instead, the stunning actress decided to protect herself and her family by retaliating in the only way she thought effective.

One of the last tweets she sent was this:

She’s right! And, she gave all fans a fair warning. Now she’s through!

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3. Jennifer Will Be a Mommy in November

The due date for Jennifer’s first baby with Brian Hallisay is revealed! J-Love’s co-star on The Client List, Colin Egglesfield, 40, spread the news to Hollywood Life when asked how the baby would affect the show, saying:

I think she is due in November, and we would just wait until, I guess, the beginning of the year to go back… A lot of questions to be answered!

Well, we can’t wait for the little one to arrive! And, hopefully it will spice up the show. Collin also added:

We would either go back right away and write the pregnancy into the story line — but then it would be like whose baby is it? Or we would wait.

Looks like that’s all a mystery for now…

4. Jennifer Wants Kisses Instead of Hate

Pucker up, guys! Jennifer is rising above the Twitter negativity is replacing all the hate with love… and lots of it. And, she sent this tweet way back in September… so you know all this Twitter-hate business has really been eating away at her all this time.

5. Jennifer Has Her Priorities Straight

Although J-Love seems pretty upset over the Twitter storm of negative comments, the girl’s still got a strong head on her shoulders. Despite battling her fan-hate since as early as last year, she’s thrilled about her pregnancy and her new start with fiance Brian Hallisay, making it clear that she won’t let the drama get to her head. Throughout the commotion she told E! Online:

This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together.

Stay strong Jennifer… we’ll miss you on Twitter!

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