Kiefer Sutherland: Drunken Shirtless Striptease with Demi Moore

Keifer Sutherland


Actor Kiefer Sutherland, 46, recently traveled to Calgary, Canada over the weekend to film Redemption with his co-stars. Among them, according to US Magazine, was Demi Moore, 5o, who reportedly went out with the crew after filming to go a little wild in the city. As you can imagine, things took off from there and Sutherland ended up bare-backed and belligerent. The 24 actor reportedly had a little too much J&B Scotch, and ended up rocking out with his shirt off, according to the source, showing off his sexy dance moves to everyone there.

However, his surrounding fans loved him, saying:

He was giving everyone the time of day, it was cool. He was very open to talking to people.

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So, Sutherland’s presence was welcomed and it was all pretty much harmless… Except for the fact that Demi Moore, a recovering alcoholic, was out partying with the bunch. But, then again, should Sutherland really be drinking either? NZ Entertainment reports the actress was a raging alcoholic just two years ago, which allegedly posed enormous problems for her marriage with Ashton Kutcher…

Could hanging around partier Sutherland be a poor choice for Demi Moore after her dangerous addiction?

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