Kim Kardashian Disobeys Kris Jenner Baby Lock-down Order

Kim Kardashian


A not-so-happy Kim Kardashian was put on lock-down by momager Kris Jenner when she tried to attend close friend Beyonce’s concert last week in L.A. According to Radar Online, the new mom has been dying to get out of the house since being stuck home with baby North West. But, Grandma Kris thinks Kim has more important things to think about — like, arranging how much money she will be receiving for North’s first baby pics!

How much do you think Kim will sell the pics for? Pass this on!

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An inside family source tells Radar if Kim went out that night she would have been photographed, and that would cause the bargaining price for North’s pics to go down! Logical.

But, did you really think outgoing Kim would listen to her mom’s advice and stay home? If you did then think again! According to Kim Kardashian Photo Magazine, the sneaky new mom went against her mom’s words of wisdom and attended anyway! How do we know? Because, she posted this Instagram photo the night of Queen B’s performance… in London!

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And, to support her good friend she made the caption “Oh hey B!”

Preggo paparazzo is right!

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