Kim Kardashian Forces Kanye West To Change North West’s Baby Diapers

Kanye West

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We all knew Kim Kardashian was a bit of a diva… but maybe in this case, she’s justified. According to Radar Online, Kim Kardashian has sentenced Kanye West to “nurse duty” for little North, and all night long too! But, hey … shouldn’t the daddy have to do his part?

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When asked about her baby crying in the middle of the night, Kim reportedly responded:

I’m going to wake up Kanye and be like, ‘Babe.’ We already have this whole thing planned. In order to be a good girlfriend, I’m going to need some sleep so he’s going to be on diaper duty in the middle of the night.

On second thought… that could be true. Girl needs her beauty sleep, Kanye! Looks like it’s settled then. Or is it?

Kim might have to put her beauty sleep aside for now because, New Baby Kanye will do anything, but he won’t change diapers! The father simply refuses to go “down under,” an inside source says! On the one hand, he’s been more than an incredible father so far— constantly holding North and never leaving her side for more than an hour. But, on the other hand what kind of father doesn’t change his own baby’s diapers? Kim might have to do a little more convincing than she thought if she wants Kanye to start getting his hands dirty! No pun intended.

Watch this clip of Kanye West below, and see the new dad’s refusal to poop-scoop for yourself!

Kanye West Won't Change Diapers – Splash News | Splash News TV | Splash News TVIt's reported that Kanye West is doing every part of being an amazing father, but he is apparently refusing to change North West's diapers. Splash brings the hottest, most up-to-date Hollywood stories and photos to millions of people round the world through their favourite newspapers, magazines and TV station. We don't deal in gossip. We…2013-07-05T01:48:34.000Z

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