Lea Michele Breaks Silence on Cory Monteith as ‘Glee’ Prepares for ‘Forever Finn’ Tribute Episode

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Lea Michelle shows her thanks for the support she has received as she mourns the loss of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith. This is the first time the public has heard from her since Monteith’s sudden death.

In addition, the cast of Glee prepares for a tribute episode to honor the death of character Finn aka Cory Monteith. TV Line writes that co-star Mike O’Malley revealed:

Regarding Glee‘s upcoming Finn tribute episode, O’Malley said he fully intends to participate and “honor Cory and his passing,” adding, “He is on that show my stepson; I plan in being there. And I think they’ll be shooting that [episode] on a time where [Family] is on hiatus.”

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The tribute episode will be called “Forever Finn”.