Michael Lohan vs. Farrah Abraham: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Michael Lohan

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Michael Lohan and 22-year old Teen Mom Farrah Abraham are currently butting heads over offensive comments Farrah made about Michael’s conduct as a father. Ouch! What does Michael have to say about it?

Check out the 5 fast facts we’ve put together for you below and find out now!

1. Farrah Understands Why Lindsay Has “Issues”

Farrah recently gave her two cents about the Lohan family during an interview with OK! Magazine — and, it wasn’t pretty. During her interview she defended Lindsay Lohan and accused Michael Lohan of being a “horrible person.” She also said she understood why Lindsay “has her issues,” alluding of course to the fact that Michael is at the stem of those issues. She told the magazine:

It’s sad that Lindsay has to deal with that.

2. But Michael Doesn’t Think Farrah is in Any Position to Judge

Little did Farrah know what she was getting herself into when she decided to call Michael out… According to Radar Online, he fought back against Farrah’s nasty prying, saying:

When you look into her eyes, all you see black, darkness, evil. As for my children, I don’t think she’s in any position to judge me.

He added:

I have a wonderful relationship with all my children and the reason it was strained at times was because I went through a divorce after 19 years of a good marriage. I don’t think Farrah is in a position to even go near that.

How’s that for a comeback against the out-of-line Teen Mom?

3. Michael Says Farrah “Dreams of Becoming a Kardashian”!

Michael wasn’t going to let Farrah off easy after insulting him and his family. He also told Radar:

I feel sorry for her. She had her day in the sun with her sex tape and her career is going to end here. She thinks she’s going to be like the Kardashians. Wow, how delusional!

Actually, there may be some truth to that… Boy, did Farrah bark up the wrong tree this time!

4. Michael: ‘Farrah Got Along With Nobody.’

According to Michael, Farrah screwed both him and her own manager. Earlier this week, according to Radar Online, Farrah called her old manager “a lying b**ch” on FOX News for saying she was disruptive. But, Michael seems to agree — saying:

Farrah got along with nobody… As I told her, Dr. Lukens, Dr. Kelly and I did so much for her problems, but as a human being it will take a lot more than therapy.

He adds:

She was the one who screwed her own manager who had helped her get out that dark “hole” she was in. The manager never screwed me or anyone I know, but I know she sure got screwed by Farrah. As did I.

Looks like no one’s on Farrah’s side for now… Will Farrah be seeing the end of her fame soon, like Michael says?

5. Farrah Got Rejected by Hugh Hefner

Here’s something else Farrah can add to her pile of rejection… According to TMZ, she reached out to the racy magazine twice — only to be rejected both times. Apparently, the Playboy just “didn’t have enough room” for her. Figures.

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