Miley ‘Butt Tweet’ Reveals She’s Crying Self to Sleep & Popping Xanax

Miley Cyrus


Is Miley Cyrus experiencing some struggles lately that she’s trying to hide from the world? If she is, then she’s not doing a very good job.

According to EntertainmentWise, Miley accidentally posted a tweet of an intimate conversation she was having with a friend. In the tweet, she said:

I’m miserable. Been crying myself to sleep. Taking a zanny trying to pass out…. Goodnight.

Then, she adds:

Would be nice to have u to talk to for a second been…

But, the text message cut off before we could see the rest of what she said.

Check out a screenshot of the actual alleged text message below:

Miley Cyrus screenshot


But, just as fast as she posted the tweet, she deleted it and replaced it with this one:

Again later on, to make sure she covered her butt, she wrote:

We get it, Miley… your Twitter account is “broken.” See what all the hype is about for yourself in this video below:

Miley Cyrus Crying Herself to Sleep, Tweets About Taking Xanax!?Miley Cyrus Crying Herself to Sleep, Tweets About Taking Xanax on accident! What's going on with her? – Subscribe Now! – Follow Us! – Send Katie a Tweet! – Like Us! – Visit our site! Miley Cyrus… crying herself to sleep? Oh No! We all know how frustrating it can…2013-07-26T21:46:59.000Z
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