Miley Cyrus Too Skinny: Wasting Away

Miley Cyrus


…Miley? Is that you?

Miley Cyrus


Where did she go?!

Not only is Miley Cyrus making out with dolls left and right, which according to The Huffington Post, has become a new “thing” … she’s also recently gone from sexy diva to scary skinny! The above selfies of Miley were posted on Twitter, and after taking a good look at them we can assume Miley needs more of two things: clothes and food!

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Many young celebs, it seems, tend to go down this road when the going gets tough, they get skinnier and skinnier; whether from all the media pressure to look good or just plain stress. Previous rumors of a possible quarter-life crisis heading Miley’s way have surfaced, but there’s a good chance it’s just all her recent fame that’s not letting her catch a breath… Or a bite to eat, apparently. Hopefully, this pumping fame doesn’t go to her head (incase it hasn’t already).

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Promise us you’ll eat something Miley! Dolls don’t count.

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