Adam Levine Dumps Hot Model to Marry Another Hot Model

Nina Agdal


Just when stunning model Nina Agdal let her reins loose and started to get comfortable with Maroon 5 heartthrob Adam Levine, things went downhill. He tossed her aside like a poorly written lyric and is already engaged to his true love.

Here’s what you should know about Levin’s ex and her humiliating breakup.

1. Nina Learned of Adam Levine’s Engagement Through a Text Message

Nina Agdal


And, it wasn’t pretty.

Apparently, the Voice judge sent the model a cold-hearted text telling her he plans to marry Victoria’s Secret babe Behati Prinsloo… Ouch! According to The Huffington Post, he left the model “heartbroken.” Talk about moving on…

2. Nina Was Adam’s Rebound

Behati Prinsloo


Life & Style Weekly reports, The Maroon 5 singer dated Nina for some time — although, he meant it to be a casual thing. After a month break in Adam’s relationship with Behati Prinsloo, the two rekindled their romance as soon as things were over between Adam and Nina. An inside source told US Weekly:

The Nina thing was not that serious and was not going to last.


3. She and Adam Vacationed Together This Month

Nina Agdal


As reported by Radar Online, Adam and Nina took a vacation together to Vegas in early July, then later were spotted in Los Cabos, Mexico. Almost immediately after on July 16, Adam announced his engagement to Behati.

Cold as ice, Adam, cold as ice.

4. Nina Was So Upset, She Fled the Country

Nina Agdal


According to Life & Style Weekly, Nina made sure to take some time out to focus on her career after the unpleasant news about Adam was broken to her. Her manager, Paolo Buonfante, even told Radar:

Nina’s basically living out of an airplane right now… She stays in a hotel in Los Angeles, but really almost every day, she’s working.

Sounds like the girl has had a rough go since the news.

5. Nina Spent Time With Her Parents After the Breakup

Nina Agdal


Even a big girl needs her mom sometimes, especially when it comes to matter of the heart. An inside source tells Life & Style:

She didn’t see it coming it all… She’s doing just fine. Her dad was in, she spent the weekend with friends and going out.

They added:

Nina was taking her dad everywhere and introducing him to everyone. He was by her side all night.

But, as it turns out — by July 22 Nina was already reportedly back at home with her mom in her homeland, Denmark. The poor thing.

We’ve all been there. Hope you feel better soon, Nina!

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