‘Riddick’ Comic-Con 2013 Panel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Fans packed into a small space of the Nerd Hedquarters at San Diego’s PetCo Park for the a sneak peek of the upcoming sci-fi film Riddick. Director David Twohy was on hand with stars Katee Sackhoff and Vin Diesel to let fans know what kind of ride they were in for.

1. The Film is Rated R and Makes Good Use of It

Riddick – Restricted TrailerIn Theaters September 6th riddickmovie.com Riddick, the latest chapter of the groundbreaking saga that began with 2000's hit sci-fi film Pitch Black and 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick reunites writer/director David Twohy (A Perfect Getaway, The Fugitive) and star Vin Diesel (the Fast and Furious franchise, xXx). Diesel reprises his role as the antihero Riddick,…2013-07-19T20:18:36.000Z

The new restricted trailer shows us Riddick chained up in a dark room staring down his captors, he slowly raises his head to say “When the chains come off you go in the first 5 seconds.” Fans were in awe at the chaos that followed and were blown away with the trailer finishing move of Riddick kicking a machete through a guy’s head. Yes!

2. The Film Was Shot on a $38 Million Budget

riddick san diego comic con 2013, vin diesel

While Pitch Black was more on the indie side of sci-fi action, Chronicles was a major picture with a big budget and the studio didn’t want an R rating. David and Vin said they wanted the creative freedom of Pitch Black for Riddick, even if it meant they would have less money to make the film.

3. Riddick Takes a Detour Towards Death

When asked what it was like to play this dark character Riddick, Vin describes it as a very thearputic thing. “I went into the woods to try to get as far away from people as possible and feel this character.” David and Vin both agreed that Riddick was destined to make a detour and come as close to death as possible. “He struggles to survive, in a way he’s an allegory for the franchise, “ said David.

4. Vin Has a New Passion Project He Will Be Throwing Himself Into


While he wouldn’t say much, Vin revealed that yesterday was an incredibly good birthday and he’ll be moving forward on something he’s wanted to do for 10 years. One word – Hannibal.

5. Director Sidney Lumet Helped Vin Overcome His Fear of Being Pigeonholed into Action Films

vin diesel san diego comic con 2013, riddick

When asked if he was ever afraid of being stuck in action films, Vin said it was director Sidney Lumet who helped him overcome his self-consciousness. The two worked together on Find Me Guilty and Sidney taught him it’s okay to go with any genre you choose as long as you throw your all into it. “Let the industry try to pigeonhole me.”

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