San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Comic Book News Roundup

comic book news san diego comic con

With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, new comic book announcements and information have hit an annual high, with all the major companies saving their big announcements for the largest annual comic book convention in the world.

To help you sort through all the madness that is San Diego Comic Con, here’s the top comic book news from all the major comic book publishers, ranging from juggernauts Marvel Comics and DC Comics, to smaller fare such as Image Comics, IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics.

Comics Companies To Look Out For

comic book news

Marvel Comics

DC Comics

IDW Publishing

Dark Horse Comics

Image Comics

Valiant Comics

Avatar Press

Oni Press

Arcana Comics

Titan Comics

Day 1

Marvel Comics

Superior Spider-Man Panel

marvel comics news san diego comic con

Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott phoned in on the panel, which included editor Steve Wacker, writers James Robinson, Christos Gage, Christopher Yost, Nick Spencer, and Kevin Shinick, and artists Chris Samnee and Humberto Ramos. The panel detailed the future of Superior Spider-Man, and previewed the upcoming ‘Darkest Hours’ storyline, which features an encounter between Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom and Doc Ok’s Superior Spidey. The crossover event will begin in issue #22 of Superior Spider-Man, and will be co-written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, with art by Humberto Ramos.

Marvel: House of Ideas Panel

marvel panel san diego comic con

Marvel’s House of Ideas panel focused on the digital comics space, and promoted their Infinite Comics line. Marvel is looking to expand their digital comics line, with new Iron Man and Wolverine weekly series that will take place in the main Marvel continuity. The Iron Man series will be written by current Iron Man writer Keiron Gillen, and will pick up on threads of his monthly print series while leaving it open to new readers. Additionally, Marvel is looking to expand their original online content, and announced a new online show called ‘Earth’s Mightiest Show’ hosted by former G4 host Blair Butler.

DC Comics

DC All Access Panel

DC All Access Panel

Featuring creative powerhouses such as Jeff Lemiere, Geoff Johns, Gail Simone and Adam Hughes, this panel talked about what’s in store for DC Comics, most notably the upcoming event Trinity War, which pits the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and the Justice League Dark against each other in a three-way war. Geoff Johns also detailed the current Aquaman Death of a King‘ storyline, and made the bold claim that Aquaman would beat Sharknado in a one-on-one brawl.

IDW Publishing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

teenage mutant ninja turtles san diego comic con

TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman and IDW editors Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz detailed the current TMNT comic book event ‘City Fall.’ In the event, straight-man (or turtle) Leonardo falls under the corrupting influence of archenemy Shredder and joins the Foot Clan. The event talked about the implications of Leonardo’s fall, as well as the future of the TMNT comic franchise.

Dark Horse Comics

(Super)Powered by Creators Panel

buzzkill dark horse comics

Dark Horse Comics’ panel was far more than standard fare, with a panel that emphasized their differentiation from Marvel and DC. Dark Horse announced a new series called Buzzkill, written by Donny Cates and Toadies drummer Mark Reznieck, where the title character gains his powers and abilities from drugs and alcohol. As a result of his addiction, he blacks out and accidentally kills thousands of people, so the hero attempts to drop his powers and get clean, only to be harassed by supervillians. The company is also reviving a number of old nineties character, and detailed their future plans for the revival of their superhero line.

Avatar Press

Vicious Comics and Wicked Creators Panel

max brooks avatar press

Acclaimed World War Z novelist Max Brooks joined Avatar Press’ publisher William Christensen to preview Brooks’ new Avatar comic Extinction Parade . Additionally, Avatar previewed some of its other notable properties, which includes Game of Thrones novelist George RR Martin’s horror comic Skin Trade.

Day 2

Check back for Day 2 news!

Day 3

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Day 4

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