‘Sharknado’: Why Derek Hough Refused to Watch The Movie

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(Getty Images)

Dancing With The Stars’ sexy choreographer Derek Hough did not watch Sharknado and he has no plans to watch it in the future.

When asked by TMZ if he was going to watch the shark flick, Derek replied with a sigh.

That was my comment right there … was that sigh.

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Maybe this is why Derek didn’t want to watch. Do we smell fear, Derek?

Derek Hough may not have watched it, but many have and they already are rallying together in hopes of a sequel. Check out some of the names they’ve come up with for ‘Sharknado 2’.

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Whatever the name ends up being or if there’s a sequel at all, we’re certain Derek Hough will not be watching. It’s okay, Derek. We love you anyway.

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