Tamra Barney Responds To Suicide Attempt Reports: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Tamra Barney

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Tamra Barney is accused of lying about her suicide attempts after ex-husband Darren Vieth made some nasty confessions of his own, reports The Hollywood Gossip.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Tamra Confesses To Second Suicide Attempt

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Barney confessed to attempting to take her own life during a rough divorce. However, since then she’s also revealed to In Touch Weekly that it was not a one time thing… Apparently, she’s tried to take her life on not one, but two occasions! And, the second suicide happened only four years after the first.

2. Barney Blames First Suicide Attempt on Ex-Husband

The Housewife told In Touch Weekly that the reason for her first suicide attempt at 21 years of age was due to a painful divorce that occurred between her and Darren Vieth. She said:

I felt hopeless… I felt like suicide was my only option. It was just a breaking point. I felt like, ‘I can’t live like this anymore’.

Sounds like she’s putting all the blame on Darren. Do you think she’s telling the truth?

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3. Tamra’s Ex-Husband Calls Her a Liar

Is there more to Tamra’s suicide story than she wants us to know? Ex-husband Darren seems to think so… Radar Online reports, Darren tells the world what “really” happened during her first brush with suicide. In an interview, he said:

Tamra is a liar, a cheater and a bad mother to our son, Ryan, and she seemed to enjoy constant drama in her life because it lead to attention. I couldn’t believe that she blamed our failed marriage for her first suicide attempt. Tamra usually never tells the entire story, and this time is no different.

It seems what was supposed to be Tamra’s personal confession caused a serious feud between the two. Who should we believe?

4. She Was Caught Cheating

It turns out the missing details of Tamra’s confessions are missing for a reason. While the housewife blames divorce for her self-harming behavior, it turns out it was her own infidelity that triggered the deadly chain reaction. Darren claims he caught her cheating on him very early on in their marriage. He recalls finding Tamra at another man’s house, revealing:

A man about twice my size answered the door. I told him I wanted to speak with my wife. He told me, ‘Tough luck, she’s with me now.’ Tamra was standing behind the guy, snickering and laughing at me.

Afterwards, Tamra moved out altogether — along with their son Ryan. But, not a whole year later she came back to Darren, begging him to take her back. When he refused, that’s when she snapped, saying:

If I can’t be with you I’m going to kill myself. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said, ‘This is going to be my final goodbye to you,’ then hung up.

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5. Tamra Responds to Ex-Husband Calling Her a Liar

After her ex-husband publicly bashed her calling her a liar, cheater, and a bad mother… this is what Tamra had to say on Twitter:



Wet Paint adds, Tamra said this in response to Darren:

He cheated on me our whole marriage, and now he wants press.

She also reported her son Ryan’s alleged reaction to his father’s comments, saying:

Mom, feel sorry for him — this is why his life is shit.

Who do you believe?

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