‘Real Housewives’ Teresa Guidice Fed Lines: Stars Tell All

Teresa Giudice

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Is Teresa not the ‘Real Housewife’ we thought she was?

It was recently revealed that none of Teresa Giudice’s sassy lines on The Real Housewives of New Jersey are actually real! Angry co-stars and inside sources tell Radar Online:

Teresa is so fake! She is constantly asking producers what they want her to say. She gets fed lines, she’s always trying to figure out how they’re going to spin things so she says to them ‘tell me what you want me to say.’

The sources add:

Teresa wants to control how people perceive her so she tailors her comments to whatever she is told to say and it makes the other women on the show think that she is being fake all the time.

If the rumors are true, then we’ve got a phony on our hands.

But, who snitched on Teresa?

Is Housewife rival Caroline Manzo the one who spilled the beans to embarrass her co-star? In an interview with US Weekly in June, the ‘Housewives’ stars talked about their expectations for the upcoming season of the show. Caroline commented on Season 5, saying:

I think this season is a lot of self-reflection. And there’s a lot of real truths when we speak to each other… Our discussions are real and they’re deep, and they can be very hurtful at times.

Then, Teresa added: I heard this phrase the other day, and it’s true: ‘The people that you love the most sometimes hurt you the most.’

Well, it looks like both housewives were right! And, Caroline must really “love” Teresa a lot if the rumors are true and she did in fact tell the world about her co-stars little secret.

Check out a video of the interview from US Weekly below!

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