WATCH: Bam Margera Arrested for Destroying Rental Car [VIDEO]

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Yesterday in Iceland, Jack Ass star Bam Margera was arrested for trashing a rental car. Check out the crazy details from the man himself.

In the above TMZ video, Bam Margera talks about how this mess all began.

Some way I had to pay $8,000 on a rental car. Yea, and somebody backed into it … and then hit and ran. So, that was one thing. Then I kicked the door in ’cause I was pissed one night and then there was a scratch over there they had to replace the whole panel for.

Margera also added:

I’ve been painting, like oil painting, so oil paints get everywhere. So, there’s like blue paint all over the inside of the car and they charged me for each and every seat, so I’m like, “I might as well just buy the f-cking car at this point.”

Apparently, if Bam wanted to buy the car, it was 1.2 million in Icelandic currency. Ouch! No wonder the police were beating down his door!

It was midnight and the police were pounding down the door because they found the car, claiming that I stole it ’cause I never returned it when I should have.

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