Amanda Bynes Approved for Long-Term Hold in Mental Heath Facility

Amanda Bynes

(Getty images)

Doctors at the mental heath facility Amanda Bynes is being held at asked for a long-term hold on the troubled actress–and a judge just approved it, reports TMZ.

Sources told the gossip website that she is now on her way to UCLA Medical Center for the long-term hold, however, that it is unlikely that Bynes will spend a year there. The plan to keep her at the facility for 60 days to stabilize her and then transfer her to her mother’s home, who is currently the temporary conservator.

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After months of erratic behavior, the former Nickelodeon actress was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital after setting fire to a stranger’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, California and covering her dog in gasoline.

Doctors say Bynes is being treated for schizophrenia and that it could take months or even years to get her stabilized.

“Although a formal diagnosis will be finalized in the next several days, it’s almost certainly schizophrenia,” a source said. “Reports that said she was responding well to the psychiatric drugs that were being given to her are wrong. It can take months, or even years to get someone like Amanda to find the right drug combination and then get her therapeutic.”